Entry #2

"My Eyes are Open"

2008-04-28 17:03:56 by somebody-17

Having 2 accounts with the ability to frontpage post works out to an advantage :) Anyways go vote 5 on my newest FLASH AND VOTE fairily! ALSO SUBMIT TO MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION! "My Eyes are Open" Enjoy!


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2008-04-28 18:21:29

Pretty decent.
I gave it a 4 and submitted it to the "music video" collection.
It's nice when people put some effort into thier stuff.


2008-04-28 18:56:39

*Quotes Psycho*


2008-04-29 00:55:52

i have reviewed it before, I gave a fair score
but saying "Vote 5" is against NG submission rules
please remove them, just a warning
if somebody sees it, they might complain to the admin

oh yeah, me too, I have 2 accounts
but I dont use the other one anymore